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What to Expect


Leaders of People include executives, directors, managers, and supervisors. Executive coaching is no longer reserved for executives only, all Leaders of People can benefit greatly!  

In addition to the benefits derived as a Leader of Self, Leaders of People gain insights and awareness to better enable them in leading others. 

Research conducted by Green Peak Partners and Cornell’s School of Industrial & Labor Relations, found that a high self-awareness score was the strongest predictor of overall success among the interpersonal traits of leaders from public & private companies.                                                                 READ MORE


Leaders of Self, a.k.a. Individual Contributors, benefit from executive coaching in many of the same ways that executives do!

Benefits include improved working relationships and teamwork; higher levels of confidence, inspiration and drive; greater clarity and sense of purpose; increased productivity and job satisfaction and engagement.  

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During this unique process, the client continuously focuses on reaching their goals while addressing individualized perspectives, underlying assumptions, and intrinsic values.

Discovering new perspectives and insights enables clients to change behaviors and reach goals with new refreshing alternatives and solutions.

Clients literally begin to see themselves, other people, and all situations and circumstances from a completely new perspective, enabling them to see and engage in their roles with greater clarity, desire, possibility and commitment.  

  • Lean In and Make Bold Moves

  • Reach Goals You Never Imagined Possible 

  • Inspire and Motivate Yourself and Others  

  • Discover or Reclaim Your Career Dreams

  • Stretch Your Capabilities

  • ​Wake Up Excited About Your Work Day

  • Unleash Your Potential  

​​Kathy employs the Core Energy Coaching™ process to bring out the powerful, untapped potential of her clients.

Core Energy Coaching™ is a uniquely deep & transformational coaching process that has been produced from 20+ years of research and development in the field and science of Human Potential and Consciousness. 

The Ferguson Network, LLC

The Ferguson Network, LLC was founded in 2011 by Kathy Ferguson and consists of a talented network of certified coaches and an ever growing number of businesses related to the needs, desires and interests of clients.      Read More

Core Energy Coaching™ 

  • Questions that evoke discovery, insight, greater clarity, possibility and commitment

  • Thoughtful challenges to assumptions and perspectives that provoke new ideas and find new possibilities for action

  • Focus on solutions i.e. taking energy away from the problem and focusing on strengths to create solutions

  • Systematic exploration of specific concerns and opportunities that are central to agreed upon coaching goals

  • Flexibility in approach while simultaneously moving toward goals

  • Empathy i.e. sharing the world through your eyes without judgment toward you or your situation   

  • Insights expressed in ways that are useful and meaningful

  • Honesty, high ethical conduct, and strict confidentiality/privacy standards

  • Appreciation of individual style and preferences - advice and/or opinions shared only upon request

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